Casa Rio: A beautiful life

Ask a city dweller his idea of paradise on earth, and chances are, his description would come close to Casa Rio. A haven generously blessed by nature – lush with trees, bordered by a serene river, with ponds, streams and flowering shrubs at every turn.

Only a visionary mind can envision how to transform this beautiful landscape into a beautiful life, while painstakingly preserving the delicate balance and fragile eco-systems that make Casa Rio what it is: a haven where man and nature live in perfect harmony, each nurturing the other.

And so… in a world where green open spaces, riverside walks and lilting birdsong is just a memory, an idyllic township comes into being. A charmed place so abundant in forests and trees, so serene with lakes, streams and a quiet river, and yet so perfectly planned, it seems to have been designed by God Himself.

Casa Rio is this idyllic city – located in green, picturesque Palava, connected to all the commercial hubs of Mumbai, yet wrapped in an unspoiled beauty all its own.

Casa Rio boasts every necessity, comfort and luxury of modern urban living, from 2 and 4-lane tree-lined roads that take you to your destination to round-the-clock power; from a stylish mall to a world-class school; from excellent sports facilities to an amphitheatre.

Set within this meticulously planned paradise, are luxurious 1, 2 and 3 BHK residential towers, built in clusters overlooking serene lily ponds and trees. Ensuring that every citizen can savour its abundant natural beauty, while preserving the quiet open spaces, the charming ponds, the sheltering trees and woods that make Casa Rio a perfect haven.

For sheer luxury surrounded by nature’s bounty, for a life more beautiful than you could ever have imagined, there’s no better place to come home to than Casa Rio.