What is The Best Cure for Shingles?

Shingles, also called Zoster Shingles in children, is caused by the same viral infection that causes chickenpox. The difference is that the virus that causes chickenpox can be treated and the one that causes shingles will not be cured. The question you have to ask yourself when asking “what is the best cure for shingles?” is this: Is a vaccine currently available that will prevent the virus from coming back? Or are there risk factors associated with the virus itself that allow it to return?

If you have a weak immune system, such as living with HIV or AIDS, or through a life-threatening illness such as cancer or leukemia, you are at a greater risk of developing shingles. In other words, the virus has a way of taking advantage of a compromised immune system. If your immune system is very low or very non-existent, the virus has a much higher chance of returning.

The problem with current treatments is that they focus on the shingles symptoms and not the underlying cause. In other words, all these medications do is treat the shingles rash, which is just a symptom of the virus. The virus is still there, unaffected by the pain, itching and other discomforts shingles can cause. This is the main reason why the shingles cure still remains a mystery to so many people today – nobody has been able to eliminate the virus itself!

While this is a big step forward in the right direction, the best cure for shingles is to eliminate the risk factors that are responsible for re-occurring outbreaks. As mentioned earlier, there are three main risk factors, and they are hereditary, injury, and stress. The first two are easy to deal with. For example, if you have parents or grandparents who have experienced shingles outbreaks, there’s a good chance you will too. You just need to understand that your immunity was not compromised in any way, therefore it should be easy to pass on the genes.

The next two risk factors are a bit more difficult to deal with. For one thing, we don’t fully understand how shingles is triggered. What we do know is that it is caused by the virus compromising the skin of the person. In effect, the virus has infected the nerve cells in your skin, causing them to send off the wrong signals. When this happens, the virus has to go somewhere, and it usually ends up in the skin. Because it has no way of reaching its destination, the symptoms usually show up.

As mentioned, one of the biggest problems is that there is no cure for the virus. All medications available focus on helping the patient to reduce the pain, and to reduce the number of outbreaks. This is a great first step but does not do anything to prevent future outbreaks, or to slow down the progression of the virus. You might be able to get lucky and have someone pass the disease on to you, but odds are you won’t have much success because the virus is in such great supply.

The best cure for shingles, therefore, has to focus on preventing the virus from damaging the body. There are some pharmaceutical treatments that will reduce the severity of the rash, but they do nothing to reduce the underlying virus. In fact, the virus seems to be getting more resistant to the medicines every year. In order to get better results, you need a treatment that attacks the problem at the root cause. Natural remedies don’t have this problem, since they concentrate only on the symptoms and never try to eliminate the cause.

The best cure for shingles is one that address the main cause and prevents it from coming back. This way, you never have to deal with the pain, itching, and extreme discomfort associated with shingles. It’s important to remember that shingles is a painful condition that needs to be treated immediately. Don’t waste your time with other alternative treatment options, if you want to get rid of it once and for all.

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